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DPI’s “Fair Funding for Our Future” is
good first step toward long-term reformFair Funding banner

State school Superintendent Tony Evers, Monday, kept his promise to deliver a reform plan for children and communities all over Wisconsin. While it doesn’t provide sufficient funds so every child in the state has opportunities to succeed, it does fix many of the problems in the present.

WAES described the plan, Fair Funding for Our Future,” as a step in the direction of the type of comprehensive school-funding reform we have been working toward for over a decade.

"Fair Funding for Our Future" corrects many of the flaws in the present system that have, over the years, led to teacher lay-offs, divisive referenda and local property tax increase, class size increases, and cuts to critical programs and services for children. What the Superintendent's plan doesn't do is ask for the investment of new revenue it will take to make those changes work for all of our children.

Click here to see an analysis of “Fair Funding for Our Future” by Jack Norman, research director of the Institute for Wisconsin’s Future.

WAES urges its members and others to support Superintendent Evers’ plan, but also to remember:

  • Wisconsin needs reform that aligns revenue with what we want children to know and be able to do and the opportunities they all need to achieve those goals. In other words, we need a system that actually meets the cost of quality education.
  • Wisconsin needs a larger investment in its public schools: Revenue to provide needed opportunities and revenue to address created by the recent economic downturn. We still need “A Penny for Kids,” a one-cent increase in the sales tax to establish an educational trust fund for our children.

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