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Students are getting involved
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"The Library is Closed"

While adults are dithering and trying to work the angles and technicalities of school-funding reform, students around Wisconsin watching their educational opportunities erode and their futures cloud over.

No more, though. Young people are waking up and taking charge by telling adults what is really being lost because of a school-funding system that no longer works for kids, schools, or communities.

Jake Berg has produced an eight-minute video entitled “The Library is Closed” that tells the story of what is happening in schools from one end of the state to the other. Jake, a junior in the telecommunications program and Waukesha West High School, entered the video in the C-Span Student Cam Competition. It is must viewing for everyone - especially legislators who can’t find a good enough reason to reform Wisconsin’s school-finance crisis.

Also, students in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and the South Milwaukee School District took their message to the public last week. Hundreds of students, parents, and staff from MPS schools turned out to voice their opposition to potential cuts but also to urge changes at the state level. Many endorsed “A Penny for Kids,” WAES’s effort to increase the sales tax by one-cent. Students also led the way to deliver the same message to the school board in South Milwaukee, where “they’re working on developing a coalition to change how state funding is determined.”

News clip from South Milwaukee
Article in the Milwaukee Jorunal Sentinel


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